About us

ARCA is an association whose main objective is the preservation of buses, make it a meeting point for fans and promote the dissemination of the history of transport by bus.

Upcoming events

Be informed about the next activities and exits organized by the association.

Our fleet

Meet our historical buses fleet

Our rallies

Every year we organize the Sabadell Bus Rally and co-organize the Internacional Classic Bus Rally

What can you do with us?

  • Excursions with historical vehicles, trips, visits to museums and garages with fans.
  • Preservation of historical vehicles and organization of exhibitions. Whether you have knowledge or not, you can come and give us a hand whenever you want.
  • If you can not or do not want to participate directly you can still be of great help: your membership fee helps us preserve buses.


News about ARCA and the buses world

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Where are we?

Arnau de Vilanova, 14
08206 Sabadell


Email: associacio@arca-bus.org.
For shootings: rodajes@arca-bus.org.