Bus preservation associations and museums


Link:  Amics del Bus

Features: bus fan's association adressed to the young. Forum, e-magazine, visits to depots, excursions, etc. (Barcelona)

Link:  ACEMA

Features: TMB's collectors and staff association. Archive, visits to TMB premises (Barcelona)

Link:  Tramvia de Gratallops

Features: Albert G. Masip's private collection of pictures, documents and objects related to Barcelona's bus, trolleybus and tramway service. Do not miss a ride on the shortest tramway line of the world, which is only 20 ft long (Gratallops, Tarragona


Link:  AEMTBUS Madrid

Features: EMT bus fan's association. Visits to depots, recreation of ancient routes. One Pegaso 6038 preserved (Madrid)


Features: Association for bus preservation in Málaga. 9 preserved buses (Málaga)

Link:  Burdinbidearen Euskal Museoaren Fundazioa (Fundación Museo Vasco del Ferrocarril)

Features: website of the Basque Railway Museum.  One bus Barreiros A501, one Mercedes O405 ex-Bilbobús, a trolleybus BUT 9641 ex-LT (ex-TUZ) and two tramways preserved (Azpeitia, Bilbao)

Rest of the world

Link:  Standard 216

France > Grenoble.

Features: Bus preservation association in Grenoble. 37 preserved buses. Archive

Link:  AMTUIR Paris

France > Paris

Features: Bus, subway and tramway museum in Chelles (Paris). Around 100 preserved vehicles.

Link:  Omnibus Nantes

France > Nantes

Features: Bus preservation association in Nantes. 9 preserved buses. Articles, links, forum

Link:  Amis du Tramway Orléanais

France > Orléans

Features: Bus preservation association in Orleans. 3 preserved buses.

Link:  Amis du Rail et Transports de Marseille

France > Marseille

Features: Bus preservation association in Marseille. 8 preserved buses, 3 trolleybuses and 3 tramways.

Link:  Trolleys et Bus France Provence

France > Marseille

Features: Bus preservation association in Marseille. 4 preserved trolleybuses, 1 bus. No activity since 2007.

Link:  ASPTUIT Toulouse

France > Toulouse

Features: Bus preservation association in Toulouse. 8 preserved buses.

Link:  NARTM

United Kingdom

Features: directory of bus preservation associations as well as events calendar

Link:  Friends of King Alfred Buses

United Kingdom

Features: Winchester's bus preservation association. Fifteen preserved buses

Link:  The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft

United Kingdom

Features: trolleybus museum with circulations during fixed dates. More than 60 preserved vehicles.

Link:  inBusclub

Italia > Trieste

Features: Bus preservation association in Trieste (Italy). 14 buses registered.


Link:  Patrimoine Bus & Car Patrimonium

Belgique > Casteau

Features: Bus preservation association at Casteau (Belgique). Thirty-two preserved buses dating from the 60s and 70s period.


Link:  RétroBus Léman

Schweiz > Lausanne

Features: swiss trolleybus preservation association . Around 100 vehicles preserved together with its sister associations.


Link:  Traditions Bus

Deutschland > Berlin

Features: bus preservation association in Berlin. 16 preserved buses and one route in regular service.

Link:  Museisparvägen Malmköping

Sweden > Malmköping

Features: Bus and tramway museum in Malmköping (Sweden) 13 preserved buses.

Websites related to buses


Link:  Xavi Fló

Features: Mr. Xavi Flórez's private web. It is a database of both old and new bus operators in Catalonia. Documents and photos. Reference website

Link:  autobuses bcn

Features: Mr. José Mora's private website about Barcelona's buses, tramways and trolleybuses. Photos, route history, bus models history, etc. It is a reference web

Link:  Notes de transport públic al Barcelonés Nord

Features: Mr. Pere Paris private web. Articles related to northern Barcelona's public transport


Link:  Madrid, Transportes Urbanos

Features: monographs full of photos and documents mainly about Madrid's buses, trolleybuses and tramways. Other parts of Spain are also covered. José Antonio Tartajo's private blog

Link:  Pegaso es mi camión

Features: Pegaso lorries are the main subject of the site. Photos and documents about other Spanish manufacturers (Barreiros, Sava, Nazar)

Link:  Picasa: Carlos Pérez Barbosa

Features: bus photos from the southeast of Spain (Alicant, Castellón, Valencia, Murcia, Almeria) dating back to the 70s

Rest of the world



Features: the best website about buses in France. Networks, manufacturers, news, photo collections...

Link:  London Bus Routes

United Kingdom

Features: Robert Munster's unofficial website about buses in London. The main page links to the main websites about London buses

Link:  Classic Buses

United Kingdom

Features: links, articles and photos of mainly UK buses

Link:  Car-Histo-Bus


Features: old preservation association. Documents, e-magazine, photo collections

Link:  France Passion FPTU


Features: magazine Réseaux Urbains, transit fan's association, archive, links

Link:  Chicago Bus

Chicago, U.S.A.

Features: non-official web of Chicago mass transit: fleetlists, photos, forum

Link:  Urban Transport Magazine


Features: e-magazine

Link:  Buses Worlwide

All over the world

Features: e-magazine

Other links

Flickr photo galleries

Link:  Grup: European Buses, Trolleybuses and Trams

Nº of pics: 114.000 (2017)

Link: John Law

Nº of pics:  79.000 (2017) - Locations:    UK, Europe.

Link:  Jean-Henri Manara (JHM)

Nº of pics:  69.000 (2017) - Locations:    France, Europe

Link:  Paul Harvey

Nº of pics:  26.800 (2017) - Locations:    UK

Link:  Grup: Trolleybus

Nº of pics:  24.000 (2017) 

Link:  STB

Nº of pics:  21.000 (2017) - Locations:    Europe

Link:  Colin Martin

Nº of pics:  18.000 (2017) - Locations:    UK, Europe, Mallorca (España)

Link:  Steve Kirkby

Nº of pics: 17.500 (2017) - Locations:    UK, Europe.

Link: Quique Cepeda

Nº of pics:  16.800 (2017) - Locations:    Catalunya, España, Europe.

Link:  Fototak

Nº of pics:  16.800 (2017) TRAMS - Locations:    All over the world

Link:  Tim Walton

Nº of pics:  8.139 (2017) - Locations:    UK, Tenerife (España)

Link:  Carlos Pérez Barbosa

Nº of pics: ? (2017) - Locations:    España

Link:  Stuart Johnson

Nº of pics: 6.694(2017) - Locations:    UK, Europe

Link:  Lolo Hernández

Nº of pics:  5.500 (2017) - Locations:    España, Islas Canarias.

Link:  Tony Walmsley

Nº of pics:  4.800 (2017) - Locations:    UK, Europe.

Link:  Juan Premixero

Nº of pics:  3.900 (2017) - Locations:    Barcelona, Europe, New York

Link:  Ot Triviño

Nº of pics: 3.600 (2017) - Locations:    Catalunya, Europe

Link:  Pere Paris

Nº of pics: 2.937 (2017) - Locations:    Barcelona, Badalona, Europe

Link:  Miquel Segura

Nº of pics:  2.600 (2017) - Locations:    Catalunya

Link:  Sergio Ibáñez

Nº of pics:  2.256 (2017) - Locations:    España (Basque Country),  Europe

Link:  David Belmonte

Nº of pics:  1.178 (2017) - Locations:    España

Link:  Borja Ceprià

Nº of pics:  1.278 (2017) - Locations:    Catalunya, España, Europe.

Link:  César Ariño

Nº of pics:  591 (2017) - Locations:    Catalunya, España, Europe.

Link:  David Llorca

Nº of pics:  556(2017) - Locations:    Barcelona, France

Link:  Rubén Elvira Tajuela

Nº of pics:  551(2017) - Locations:    España

Links about registration plates:

Youtube videos:

The last Pegaso 6035-A in Barcelona. Shot by Xavier Maraña and Francisco Hernández around 1998