03 – Pegaso 5062/A (“Tuisa”)

Basic data

  • Current owner: ARCA.
  • Former owner: Isidre Miquel (Sant Feliu de Llobregat urban bus service).
  • Year: 1976.
  • Plate: B-3030-BK.
  • Brand: Pegaso.
  • Model: 5062-A.
  • Bodywork: Unicar U-75.


  • Start of service: 1976 (Isidre Miquel)
  • Withdrawal: 2007 (Tuisa)

The history of this bus begins in 1976  when the city of Sant Feliu de Llobregat established its first urban service operated by Mr. Isidre Miquel Milà. The buses used were two Pegaso 5062/A with Unicar U75 bodywork registered B-3030-BK and B-3039-BK. These buses were replaced in 1980 by a minibus Sava 5701 that fitted better to the route.

The same year 1980 the two buses arrived went to Tuisa (Transports Urbans d’Igualada, S.A.). In 1993 the interior layout is reworked replacing the original interurban upholstered seats by wooden Vera de Bidasoa urban seats.

They were both reliable and high capacity units to the point that they have lasted to the present day (2007). The unit registered B-3039-BK was withdrawn during year 2004 and the unit registered B-3030-BK would continue regular service until 2005 when it became replacement unit.

This bus is bodied on a Pegaso 5062/A chassis derived from the popular lorry Pegaso Comet. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine and 125 HP coupled to a constant mesh gearbox having 6 relations.

As far as the unit registered B-3030-BK was in the best condition, the association ARCA managed to keep it after withdrawal. We are most grateful to TUISA for their help and attentions all the time, so that on 3 September 2007 the bus would finally be taken from Igualada to its new home at the UAB, taking a part in Sabadell’s Rallybus almost immediately.

Datasheet writed with collaboration of Miquel Segura and the José Mora web Autobuses de Barcelona.

The Sant Feliu de Llobregat urban service history on http://autobusesbcn.es/misc/sfeliu.html.

Technical specs

Model 9025
Position Forward vertically placed
nº of cylinders 6
Diameter 107,25 mm
Stroke 120,65 mm
Cubic capacity 6550 cm3
Power 92 kW (125 hp) at 2400 rpm
Maximum couple 41,5 mkg at 1600 rpm
Injection system Direct
Compression ratio 16:1
Cooling By water and radiator
Type Disk of 14 inches diameter
Commandment Hydraulic
Gear change
Type Constant mesh. 6 gear forward and back gear.
Type Floating with double reduction
Reduction 7,71:1
Type Pegaso type, worm gear
Service Double circuit pneumatic
Parking brake MGM type combined with emergency brake.
Emergency Progressive action of coils
Engine —-
Braking surface 3649 cm2
Front Spring sheets and shock absorbers
Rear Spring sheets
Type Straight beams with constant width
Width 875 mm
Cross section 216 x 65 x 8 mm
Electrical equipment
Alternator 840 W
Batteries 2 x 12V y 84 Ah
Fuel capacity
Capacity 200 litres