02 – Pegaso 5064-A/1 (“Casas”)

Basic data

  • Current owner: ARCA.
  • Former owner: Indústries Riva
  • Year: 1978
  • Plate: B-6268-CS
  • Brand: Pegaso
  • Model: 5064-A/1
  • Bodywork: Beulas


  • Start of service: 1978
  • Withdrawal: 2003 (Autos Casas)

This bus is a Pegaso 5064 with Beulas bodywork fit for interurban services. It is a classic interurban bus with capacity for 34 seated passengers. This bodywork was also mounted on vehicles working in the Mataró-Argentona route, Transports Gómez (Sarbus), and in the urban services from Mataró and Girona (Figueres).

This vehicle started its career working for Industrias Riva taking workers to the factory. As time lapsed the bus would change ownership, the following list serving as record:

– Indústries Riva (workforce Transport)

– Companyia Pous

– J. Argila (route Vic-Gurb)

– Bueno (route Vic-Tona)

– Autos Casas (route Vic-Seva-Tona; Vic-Bartomeu del Grau)

The last owner, Autos Casas, withdrew the bus during 2003 locking it up in a garage. It was discovered by ARCA in year 2006, being acquired and restored as a historic vehicle (more than 25 years old) with a livery close to the original one. This happened in year 2007. It has remained both operational and unchanged up to the present day (June 2017).

Technical specs

Model 9130/17
Power 99 kW (135 cv) at 2600 rpm
Position Front, vertically placed
Cilinders 6 lined up
Diameter 107,25 mm
Stroke 120,65 mm
Cubic capacity 6550 cm3
Maximum couple 41,5 mkg at 1600 rpm
Feed Aspiration
Injection system Direct
Compression ratio 16:1
Type Monodisc
Diameter 353 mm
Drive Hydraulic
Type 6 relations manual
Rear shaft
Type Floating
Redution ratio 7,71:1
Type Servo Hydraulic
Type Air assisted of two independent circuits
Braking surface 3493 cm2
Parking brake MGM type combinated with emergency brake
Emergency brake Progressive action by coil
Motor brake
Front Spring sheets, stabilizator and shock absorbers
Rear Spring sheets, shock absorbers and Torgo coils
Type Straight beams with constant width
Width 875 mm
Cross section 216 x 65 x 8 mm
Electrical equipment
Voltage 24 V
Alternator 840 W
Battery 4 of 6V and 126 Ah
Fuel tank
Capacity 200 litres