Save the coach services!

After three months of confinement and full stop of coach services,  there has been a protest throughout Spain asking the Spanish government to include coach services in the aid schemes which are being get ready. Watch: noticia+video de El Periódico en Barcelona.

El Pegaso 5117 Unicar de Paco Guillén

News of this preservation reached us today: it is a 1985 Pegaso 5117 bodied for Unicar. This happened in Albox (Almeria, Spain) . Our congratulations to the new owner. There is an educational e-magazine ( providing additional infos and one video: Vehículos singulares, 174: Paco Guillén Pardo y su autobús Read more…

Vitoria’s city bus service photos

Surfing the net I came across this interesting unofficial blog about Vitoria’s urban bus service: The most interesting part is, undoubtedly, the Youtube video covering the buses put in service during the period 1925-1991. Here is the link:

Calatayud’s Pegaso 5080

These three photos have been around the social networks for a relatively long time. It is a minibus Pegaso 5080 bodied by Icarsa in 1967 which used to run the local bus in Calatayud (Zaragoza, Spain). Does anyone know anything else about it?  

Welcome to the Depot

Hello! We are starting a new section reporting on news, pictures, etc, related to either old or preserved buses, taken mostly from social media. Our virtual bus depot will be full of them in short. We hope you like it! The Web Team