100 Jahre Motor Omnibus (1895-1995)

Published by Lluís Cuesta on

I found in Youtube a couple of videos of an impressive Classic Bus Rally with about 100 participants. It took place in 1995, on the occasion of the centenary of the opening of the first bus route in Germany, between Siegen and Deutz, near Cologne, in 1895. It was – well, it is, because it is the first bus seen on the video – a gasoline Benz. In fact, with the patent of this vehicle begins the history of the automotive industry. The Rally lasted three days and drew more than 100,000 visitors (see report).

Enjoy the parade, where you will be able to see manufacturers I  never heard of (VEB, Asquith …) and buses that have made history in Germany: Saurer, MB O317, Büssing, the articulated Henschel and curiosities such as the Henschel one-and-half floor: