Urbas, Mohn S.L, and the Pegaso 6035 history in the Wikipedia

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From our section we can’t help deawing your attention to a series of good Wikipedia articles, made with care and rigor, about two interurban bus service companies in Barcelona (Urbas, taken over by Transports de Barcelona in 1976) and Mohn SL , a long-distance operator in the Baix Llobregat, presently operating under the name of Baixbus Group. The third article is a good one on the Pegaso 6035, an emblematic vehicle of  bus services in Spain between 1964 and 1981, of which 3,781 units came into operation.

Here are the links:

Although the philosophy of Wikipedia is that authorship is not important but rather the fact of transmitting knowledge – teaching is an altruistic act – we wish to convey our recognition to the work of Luis Rentero Corral, initial author of the articles by Mohn and Pegaso 6035.