Spain 1966, photo collection from Mr. Campbell Sayers

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Today we offer you a link to a collection of photographs of an excursion to Spain in 1966:

:Spain 1966 – Buses – Campbell

A group of enthusiasts acquired a bus withdrawn from service by London Transport, it was RTL867, a Leyland Titan with an O600 engine and Metro-Cammell bodywork from 1950. Without fear of breakdowns or low-bridges they embarked for France and Spain to visit those cities where London Transport’s BUT trolleybuses or Rotherham’s Leylands were still in service: San Sebastián, Bilbao, Santander, La Coruña, but they also visited Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona where perhaps they did not know how to identify Macosa’s rebodied BUTs. On their return they made a stop in Lyon, where they find a real trolleybus party, and in Paris, where the old Renault TN6s reign in the streets of the capital. There is also a visit to an unknown museum with Parisian and English vehicles. The author of the photos does not make any comment, but the photographic succession, with photos of landscapes and people, is a real escape to 1966 that I recommend.

About the bus: once the trip was finished it was sold again and put into service for two more years at Upminster repainted in blue and cream, and in 1970 it would be sent for scrap. Sad ending.