Recycling rims and providing new tyres for nº 3055 (1)

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Hello everyone,

As you well know, one of the tyres on the second axle was lost during a trip to the workshop (see blog post from 6/27/21). Since spare tires of the same sizes are no longer on the market, it has been decided to look for four similar tires, which will require their corresponding rim. Thus we had to find 4 wheels of 22.5 x 9.00 inches. Yesterday we started classifying and selecting the rims. There are not 4 alike, there are 2 on one side and then 1+1, then we began to clean and sand. Much progress has been made, you have to clean them little by little with solvent to remove traces of oil or grease. Then more sandpaper was applied . Finally, they will be painted with primer and then finished by painting them with satin black paint.

During the week of 3/5/22, work on the rims continued, we finished sanding and cleaning and the work of painting them, in this case wirh primer. We have given two coats to 2 rims and one to another 2, and we had to stop because paint was over.

The rims  continued to be primed in the week of 12/3/22 with black primer, the week before we used gray, there was no other. The other side has been painted. Now all rims have both sides with paint. Next Saturday we will apply sandpaper to remove some irregularities and a last coat of primer so that all  faces are black. There will still be another day to put the satin black finish on the two visible faces.

And that’s all so far. Greetings.

Jose Maria Martinez

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