Repairing nº 3055. Replacing Torpress (3)

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Hello everyone!!! We make you a summary of the tasks carried out yesterday on Saturday’s shift.
In the afternoon, the work on the 3055 continued. Yesterday, Saturday, the process of repairing the rear torpress of the trailer axle went on. The damaged one was removed, which was a bit of a hassle due to its limited access. Once removed, the support was disassembled and cleaned as best as possible. In this case there was no opportunity to sand and paint it as with the previous one. It was cleaned as best as possible and the new rubber was mounted. Sealant was put on and mounted on the bracket. Next week it will be fixed to the bus. With this operation we hope this will resolve this rear axle leak. Simultaneously we are looking for more Torpress rubbers to replace the ageing ones. In addition, the levelling valves are going to be changed, although first they must be found. Let us hope that next week we can fix the leaks in the suspension and so that the articulated bus recovers the ability to be driven little by little.
This is all, have a good week.
Jose Maria

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