Repairing nº 3055. Searching air leaks.

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Hi all!!

We make you a summary of the tasks carried out yesterday on Saturday’s shift
In the first place we went on with the repairs of the 3055, we are checking air leaks around the trailer’s rear axle, by spraying a mixture of water and soap. With this method we found another leak in the piece that distributes the air between the two Torpress balloons on the right side via a levelling valve; on the left side nothing was found and  Torpress balloons seem to be without leak. Anyway Torpress balloons should be changed when possible. For the time being we will change the 20 mm diameter tubes linking balloons and valve. If it doesn’t work, we will look for another solution. In any case, it is necessary to think about an improvement of this system in the future. The levelling valves are also going to be changed. The vibration noise heard when air pressure ceases comes from third axle valve. Although the urgent rapair is the rubber tube, new valves should be acquired, they are Westinghouse brand, although that brand no longer exists, perhaps it is Knorr bremse, Wabco or Haldex, which are more or less equivalent.

On the other hand, we began to try to fix the Stop Request sign of the 6420 proto. We verified first whether buttons were in good condition. The board wiring was in order. As the problem persists (when the contact is powered, the PS light is triggered), it was decided to take the electronic board to check the system with the equipment available. As we did not find the problem, we will try to rebuild the PS in a classic way with relays and wired signals.

Finally, we are already preparing the General Assembly of Members in March. You will receive the minutes together with the call for a meeting shortly. However, unless things improve in the coming weeks, it will be hold in a telematic way again as last year’s.
Note that yesterday afternoon we were also with Marcel in Nave 2 talking with us about some issues that we will explain to you during the  Assembly.

This is all!
Have a good week.
All the best!
Jose Maria

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