Repairing nº 3055. Torpress replacement (2)

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Hi everybody!

We summarize the work done yesterday with nº 3055.
If you remember a couple of weeks ago the Torpress was placed, but due to a mistake during rubber assembly  when we started  the vehicle it went on losing air. It was necessary to disassemble it and fix it correctly. Yesterday the right front axle suspension elements were removed. To do this, the vehicle was raised and placed on a pair of wheels to gain height and be able to work underneath more easily. The rubber was disassembled and sealing paste was put between the rubber and the base, and it was assembled again. In addition, a bituminous aluminum  layer was placed on top to prevent water from entering when at work, in the original assembly it had a 1 cm layer of grease…. a bit dirty and complicated. When assembling we were disappointed to see that by mistake the base was rotated 90 degrees and the holes did not match. Disassemble again, rotate correctly and assemble once again. Once everything is assembled, it was connected and the vehicle was started after putting the wheels again on the pavement, air was charged and it was noticed that the regulator valve triggered at 9 kg . Leaks were verified in the Torpress and none was found, only a hopeful silence, which says that there is no air coming out there anymore. We moved the vehicle a little so as to check that it works well, that it holds the air, as it hasn’t happened for a long time.
Over the next weeks we will continue to search for leaks, we have to check now on the rear axle, and also on the door pistons.
Howerver, it is crucial now to solve the problem of the tyres on the central axis.
We will keep you informed.
Greetings to all!

José María Martínez.  ARCA’s Secretary

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