Retro Caldes 2021

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Today we took a part with the Tuisa and the Proto 6420 in the Retro Caldes classic car meeting, which takes place in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona).

In the exhibition we met Mr. Francesc Sagalés and his 1929 Ford AA. We also counted on the presence of the Pegaso Beulas Eurocar owned by Joan Vallcorba, who, very soon and with great enthusiasm, began to take the public on free tours, full of tight curves through the middle of the old town of Caldes de Montbui, triggering the applause of passengers, admired by the driver’s skills.

We, on the other hand, stood still due to a strange overheating of our Tuisa whose origin has yet to be detected. A problem with the accelerator of the 6420 made it advisable not to drive it with passengers.

Almost 220 vehicles, of which about 10 trucks and 4 buses gathered in the rally, with stalls selling miniatures, books, magazines, etc., and even a barber stall! We leave you with a photo gallery of the day so that you can enjoy it as much as we did:


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