Digest of Saturday 9th

Published by Lluís Cuesta on

Hello everyone. Some pictures and videos from yesterday’s 9/10 shift of Saturday. It should be noted that it was a somewhat atypical Saturday shift as much of the day was spent moving the Casas to the Tarragona Educational Complex for its participation tomorrow Monday and part of Tuesday in the shooting of a  french movie. As far as we know one of the University buildings will simulate an airport terminal and the bus will be sharing with other vehicles the fictitious Airport car park. Thanks to Sergio, Josep and Manolo for helping with the transfer and logistics. The afternoon came to a close: the vinyls of the 6420 a remain of the Mallorca shooting were removed and vehicles were started. Finally let me tell you that we have started again with visits to workshops in order to prepare budgets to restore nº 25.  As soon as we have all the information it will be provided to you and a referendum about both budget and livery will be held. We will tell you in short. Thank you all!


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