Monotral’s air leak (and 2) and further troubles

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After more than a year’s  impasse, we have finally brought the Monotral to the workshop for what seemed like a major failure in the  suspension . As always, the most difficult part has been to take the artic bus out of the parking lot with  cars parked on the street in the maneuvering area. Thanks to Sergio’s skill, it was possible, but the worst was yet to come: one of the outer wheels of the drive axle lost its tread when we had only covered three streets and the vehicle began to jump as if it were a Sardanista making it almost impossible to move forward.

We assessed the situation and several options came out: 1) deflate the wheel, ruled out because  friction of the deflated wheel with the twin could damage it. 2) cutting out the part of the tread that was annoying, dangerous because we could blow up the wheel. In the end we decided to 3) go at low speed to the workshop and we would fit a spare wheel for the return trip.

In the end the Torpress suspension had no leaks and the repair was limited to locating holes in the air tubes and/or replacing them. The Monotral no longer quickly loses air into danger. For the return trip we loaded an old wheel in the Tuisa (fortunately two people are enough to handle it) which would be fitted on the Monotral. The tyre was misshapen too and we grudginly returned to the parking lot at low speed again.

L’ample plataforma posterior de la Tuisa ens ha proporcionat espai suficient per a la roda de recanvi.

The consequence of all this has been a decision by the Board to purchase 4 used tyres to equip the Monotral’s drive axle so that it will allow us to drive it as well as pass the next ITV. We do not buy new tires for their unitary cost (€ 400) but above all because they would reach the end of their life (10 years) unused, thus making it an absurd investment.

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