Demonstration against the ZBE (low emissions area) and the new emission tax

Published by Lluís Cuesta on

ARCA participated in the demonstration against the ZBE of 02/02/2020 in the Passeig de Gràcia. The organizers, a small affected platform that already managed to gather about 500 vehicles in a previous protest this time reached 3,500.

The owners of old vehicles protested the establishment of the ZBE in Barcelona city and also for the future tax on carbon dioxide emissions, which will tax the possession of an old vehicle (see DOGC 12/23/2019, the 9 / 2019).

The Board of ARCA decided to take part in the concentration with the Houses, since we believe that the new environmental measures do not help individuals and associations that decide to conserve the heritage by putting the effort and economic resources out of their pocket without demanding or resorting to to public aid




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