Excursion with TUS 4 and Christmas dinner

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As every year for Christmas, we make an excursion and a fellowship dinner. This year we were able to enjoy a Pegaso 6038 that we often had seen from outside during the Rallies. This time we had the opportunity to act as passengers inside. This is preserved Sabadell’s TUS, which was made available for us to recreate routes 8 (Sabadell Sud – Roureda) and 4 (Roureda – Poble Nou).

The excursion was quite entertaining, with incredible turns in the narrow streets of the neighborhood of La Roureda, and what to say of the turns, ascents and descents in Torre Romeu and Poble Nou, in short, a complete ride through Sabadell’s motley urban (and social) landscape. Our thanks to Luis de la Concepción, TUS manager, who accompanied us all day.

Once the tour with the TUS 4 was over we changed to our Pegaso 5062 “Casas”, taking  group photos in the garage before we went for another consecutive year to the  restaurant l’Aliaga, where we made our annual meal with the typical handkerchief shake, raffle and closing pachanga dance. . Happy 2020 to everyone!


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