Fixing a radiator water-leak in the Tuisa

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One of these days we found out a radiator water puddle under the Tuisa.  The leak seemed to come from a deteriorated water-hose linking the engine block with the pump. However, after replacement water continued to leak.

We recalled  then a similar breakdown with our other Comet bus in 2009 (*). The joint between water pump and engine’s hoses was broken, and replacement was necessary. We were not able to see the leak because the ventilator pushed the leaking water along the block far from the union betweeen pump and engine.

(*) See the posts related to that breakdown here:

New handcrafted caps were created by North Enginyeria S.C.P de El Vendrell (Tarragona)  at no cost for us. ARCA is very grateful to Mr. Gerard  and Mr. Benjamí, who show in this manner great sensibility for our industrial heritage.

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