Our bendy-bus returns to the depot

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As reported in previous posts, our bendy-bus was taken care of during the last weeks, let us make a brief summary

  • Cooling system silicone piping has been replaced
  • the thermostate was replaced
  • the three-piece old wheel hubs were replaced by one piece wheel hubs equipped with better performance and quality tyres than the original, these wheels and tyres hasve been donated by our associate Jordi Magri
  • suspension system’s bars and ball joints have been replaced

After those changes it was necessary to straighten the wheels too, as far as an abnormal wear was spotted in the tyre’s inner side during repairs. The workshop pointed out to us that steering system ball joints were completely worn, so it was decided to change them. The operation was done at Ballestas Egara. Wheel studs were also changed and front axle brakes were overhauled and adjusted.

It took a few days to find the adequate ball joints for the steering system, they were finally found and mounted. With all these operations finished, the aligment process was carried out.

After all these repairs, the driving sensation is softer and the steering more precise. However, it was observed that the trailer bends slightly down to the right as a consequence of the repairs, which means that it will have to be adjusted in the next days.


    With all those operations finished the articulated bus is in very good condition to celebrate its 50th anniversary and ready to pass the Periodic Technical Inspection (ITV)


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