7th Sabadell Bus Rally

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The 7th Sabadell Bus Rally during 7th and 8th September 2013, with 4 vehicles belonging to ARCA plus 6 invited buses. Good news was Pegaso 6038 ex-SMAUB (Burgos) which came up repainted as prototype Transports de Barcelona nº 6000, which used to be the very first unit of the 6038 model.

This edition repeated the historical route H15 cap to Torre Romeu, commented by our president Mr. Marcel Estadella, an activity that enjoys increasing acceptance. Our Tuisa made three trips and during the guided tour the guide reminded in situ the most difficult times of urban development in Sabadell in the late 60s when access difficulty combined with fight between transport operators made bus services impossible in the area.

On the other hand, ARCA  diverted one of the seven routes to Sabadell Airport (H3 (Sabadell – Universitat Autònoma), so that the vintage airplane collection could be visited. More information about it on: http://fpac-flyingheritage.blogspot.com.es/


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