Sabadell Bus Rally

  • The Sabadell Bus Rally is the first Classic Bus Rally celebrated in Spain. The first edition took place in September 2007 and since then eight editions have followed up to 2016, always in coincidence with Sabadell's yearly celebrations.
  • A Bus Rally is neither an endurance test nor a race, it is rather a meeting of preserved buses in either static or dynamic form (i.e: you can ride them on a specific route). More than 100 meetings and around 3.000 preserved buses can be found in the U.K. according to NARTM, while in Spain more than 220 preserved buses have been identified (2016).
  • Jot down in your agenda the first weekend of September as the Sabadell Bus Rally day, or else visit our agenda. The meeting point: Estació d'autobusos de Sabadell (Plaça d'Antoni Llonch). We remind you that travelling on our buses is free and that we often distribute small presents. See you in the Bus Rally!


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