International Classic Bus Rally

ARCA's Bus Rally success story triggered interest in bus preservation among individuals and bus companies. Soon a partnership between bus fans and companies would emerge, leading to the organisation of the 1st International Classic Bus Rally in 2010. The team was made up of bus fans on the one side, grouped around two associations (ARCA and ACEMA), and Grup Sagalés and TMB on the other side representing bus companies. The Rally lasts for two days and consists of a static bus exhibition in one of Barcelona's emblematic streets (Av. Reina Mª Cristina) and a parade from this point to Caldes de Montbui on the following day. The event has got an official website:

Images from all the editions:

1st Edition

Year 2010

23 participants

2nd Edition

Year 2011

23 participants

12 new entrants

3rd Edition

Year 2012

32 participants

7 new entrants

4th Edition

Year 2013

37 participants

6 new entrants

5th Edition

Year 2014

35 participants

4 new entrants

6th Edition

Year 2015

38 participants

4 new entrants

7th Edition

Year 2016

40 participants

8 new entrants

8th Edition

Year 2017

45 participants

9 new entrants